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| still quiet moments |


Sometimes God doesn’t work in the big extravagant ways we think he should. As I sit down to write this and think about what God has done in my life this past month I’m realizing that I’m still learning. I confidently know God is faithful, that he will provide, that he is good, that he is worthy of my complete trust- and yet these are truths that I can just as confidently say I struggle to believe.

Learning these lessons seems less of an epiphany and more of a compilation of many small quiet moments. Moments in the morning with God and a cup of coffee, moments late at night talking with a friend, moments of overwhelming anxiety and confusion; these are the times God uses to deepen my trust in him, an quiet invitation to trust him maybe just a little more.

As my life has slowed down from traveling mixed with a lack of a full time job as I prepare for this next season, the opportunity for these still quiet moments of growth seems more frequent. It’s easy for me to want to skip past this next month and start this program already, but in this time of reflection I’m realizing just how important this process is. God doesn’t waste time. He uses these moments to slowly drive deep these truths as I’m slowly learning to embrace them.

• Please pray with me for patience and endurance in this waiting and in the

small moments so that I don’t miss out on what God is doing in me right now.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.



If you’ve committed to supporting and haven’t registered online, it’d be a huge help for me to gage best where I am at in this process.

Here’s the link, please reach out with any questions! Thank you so much!


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