As The Connection opens up their very first restaurant located in Austin,TX, I've assisted in the majority of the design work including, menu designs, banners, fliers, TV displays and website content upkeep.

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In 2013 my friend and I decided to start a clothing company in order to use our creativity to help influence culture for the better while donating proceeds to non-profits doing the same. While taking on many roles in starting a business, I also did all the graphic design for the clothing, logo and branding as well as the website design and videography for our company. 

Our merch setup for the road! #masonjarg
  #imtoofilthytojudgeyou #culturechanger

I've worked with Noa Jordan on the album artwork "The Lost Boys"  as well as co-directed the music video for her single "Runaway".

Working full time in Silver Ring Thing provided me the ability to create videos, photos, graphics, online stores, apparel designs and content for the live event, both within the production as well as for signage in the lobby and the adult/parent seminar. 

Through my work with SMP (Sustainable Mission Partners) ​I helped completely rebrand this non-profit, designing and launching the new website, logo and promotional materials. 

From the owners of Barley Bean Coffee, Artista Rosso Market features an extensive market, full restaurant, bar, and great beer and wine selections. I've created content for them such as menus, banners, flyers and online promotional material.

Through Silver Ring Thing, I spent two week in the summer of 2017 in South Africa to help launch Camp10 for international high schoolers. I worked as photographer, videographer and tech director and producer for events on site as well as outreach events in local towns.