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| approaching the end… |

As I reflect on these past two years, it’s difficult to write down all that God has done in me and through me. In this update, I’d love to focus on one of these ways: the clarity and direction for what’s next…and not in the way I thought!


The goal of this residency has been for me to be developed for the work of ministry and help me discern who God has made me to be. In other words: how I can best leverage my passions and skills for the sake of the kingdom. Although I’ve had many unique opportunities and challenges throughout my residency that weren’t plan, God has still been kind to do this work over these past two years.

So in answering the big question, “What’s next?”, I simultaneously know exactly what I’ll be doing and have absolutely no idea.

Warning: I love giving nuanced answers, so let me explain…

  1. God has placed a unique passion and “calling”-type desire in me to continue the work of ministry in the area of sexuality at The Austin Stone.

  2. God is moving at our church in this realm- and it feels like he’s just getting started.

  3. I’m committed to being a part of this ministry and work in the local context of The Austin Stone in Austin, TX.


While, ideally,

…my passions, desires, ministry calling, and skills would all align within a job, what I’ve come to understand throughout my residency is that I want to orient my life around who God has made me to be. To look at these passions, desires, gifting, and skills and ask: “What job allows me to best leverage these things for the sake of the kingdom?”

With all this in mind, it’s allowed me to plan for my future through a narrow lens and yet a broad scope. Rather than look for “any job in ministry”, I’m looking at roles that would allow me to continue to pursue this ministry around sexuality (specifically most concentrated at our Downtown Congregation). This means that my lens has narrowed in the sense that I’m not looking for jobs outside of Austin, or at other churches, or at positions that would be more distracting to these things. And yet, it also means that I have the freedom to look outside of “occupational ministry” roles as long as they fall within the same boundaries.

So with all this said,

I’m currently in the application process for a role that I’m pretty excited about! (Will hopefully have more clarity by the end of this week.) Yet, whether it’s this position or something else, it has been a season of leaning into God and trusting his provision. And consequently I quite often find myself in Matthew 6.


In concluding my residency,

…I get to focus my time on several different projects. My favorite of which has been the Rethinking Sexuality book club! (pictured above) I’m also working on packaging this book club so that we could ofter it to other leaders in our church to facilitate on various levels (from a small group to the congregation level).

It’s wild to think about all the ways God’s worked these past two years and insane to be nearing the end of this season. I’ve been cherishing many bittersweet moments with my staff family. I’m grateful and humbled by the opportunities I’ve had, the relationships I’ve fostered, and the ministry entrusted to me. While there has been many challenges along the way (including but not limited to a pandemic), I truly have counted these past two years as some of the most incredible times of my life. It gives me great hope for what’s next- not because I have it all together, or have learned “all the things” about ministry, but because I have a God that continues to be faithful above and beyond my wildest dreams.


Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity through your prayers and support!

I can’t wait to keep you updated in the coming weeks- till then, I’d covet your prayers for all the above.

Grace & Peace!



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