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| quite the ride… |

Updated: Jul 14, 2021


Within my role, I’ve helped lead a virtual version of our Connect Class through which we were able to launch 5 new small groups and provide ongoing care, support, and training for these leaders. Additionally, we’ve just kicked off our Partnership Class (our version membership) two weeks ago.

In these classes, I’ve been entrusted with “cruise directing” and have had the opportunity to teach a couple of them. (Learning how much I love teaching!)


The nomadic tribe is at it again…

Our Downtown Congregation MOVED…again! We are now meeting a larger, air-conditioned (PTL!), music venue close to downtown called Emo’s. It’s just the right amount of “grunge” that our fits our vibe and I find myself, yet again, attempting to turn another bar into a space for connecting. The amazing part is that our people continue to follow us around downtown Austin week after week and we are already seeing some unique ministry opportunities that these different spaces provide!

// wrapping up Easter services feels //


In addition to my role, I’ve gotten to help dream up, create, facilitate, and supplement a pilot book club through Dr. Juli Slattery’s Rethinking Sexuality. I was blown away by how beneficial this content was for this group and encouraged by the conversations and engagement that came from it. Additionally, (and strategically) our church had Dr. Slattery herself come in for an all-day seminar on this topic! Her book is amazing, but she’s even more delightful in person! The “call to action” following this seminar was towards the churchwide version of this book club launching in June. I’m beyond excited to see what God will continue to do in our church in the realm of sexuality!


Upcoming transitions…

We’ve hired a Connections Director! This means that in a couple weeks, I’ll get to help on-board and train him for the role I’m currently fulfilling in my interim position. It’s been almost an 11 month journey as we sought to fill this position. This has been a huge answer to prayer and he will be an incredible addition to our staff team!


The end is in sight…

Crazy to think that my 2 years of residency is nearing its conclusion! As I look towards August I still have no idea what I’ll be doing to make an income. While I would love to remain here on this staff team, I am most confident in a distinct calling towards ministry in the realm of sexuality at The Austin Stone, whether I get paid to do that or not. I fully believe that my role is to pursue this calling while finding a vocation that allows me to do this best. If that means a position on staff (and again, I’m hoping/praying it does), then praise God! But if that means a flexible job in the marketplace, praise His name all the same!


Please pray for…

  • the transition, acclimation, & hand-off with the new Connections Director

  • my future job come August (also trying to figure out housing situation on top of that… so you add in an extra prayer on that front)

  • continued confidence, clarity, and discernment for me and for our church as we engage well in the territory of sexuality


As always, thank you...

I’m continually humbled every time I think about how much your support is the only reason (well..that and the grace of God) that I get to do what I do and be shaped and molded for the sake of His Kingdom. - ZACH


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