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It’s been the to commonly used (and very much unwelcome) strategy for this past year.

Not only is this true on a church level, but this has been true within my own residency as well. Recently, I’ve been able to step into a new role within our team! While we look to fill the position that oversees the ministry I’m a part of, I’ve been asked to step into this role on an interim basis for the next 6 months! Basically, I get to continue the work of helping people get connected at our church while owning more of the weight of the ministry as a whole! This is an incredible honor to be trusted with this kind of weight (for a second time!) within my residency.


That being said, here’s some updates / what’s on my radar:

  • We are currently in the middle of our Connect Class This is the typical strategy for how we connect people, yet the first time we’re attempting it virtually and our 4th connections strategy since the pandemic hit …like I said, pivot!

    • I’ve gotten to take ownership of this class and even teach one of the weeks!

    • we have about 75 people going through this and will launch 5 small groups by the end of the class

  • I get to play a role in raising up the new group leaders

    • I absolutely love getting to see potential in someone, call it out and encourage/equip them in leading!

  • I’m helping with a new book club we’re rolling out of Dr. Juli Slattery’s book Rethinking Sexuality (highly recommend)

    • starting in March we’re doing a pilot book club with about 30 people from our Downtown congregation and then in June we plan to offer this to the ENTIRE church! (Dr. Slattery is coming in for a seminar in April so it’ll be a great next step for our people)

    • I’m BEYOND excited to get to play a role in this as it’s a topic I deeply care and am highly passionate about

  • We are adding a 3rd service at our current Downtown home! The past couple weeks we’ve had to actually turn away people since we were maxing out capacity (a really good problem to have)!

    • One of my favorite things was watching people decide to worship outside the doors of the venue after hitting capacity- IN THE RAIN! (see photo above)

    • There is a hunger and eagerness our people are feeling to gather again and it’s inspiring to witness!

// staff meeting on the office lawn //


Looking ahead:

  • I’m learning to ask the question: Who has God made me to be and where do my passions/skills align within a ministry position?

  • These next couple of month will be focused on what’s next post-residency!


Please pray...

  • for these next 6 months in this new role

    • God has a way of doing some extra refining and growth in seasons like this, and I want to lean in to what he has for me in this!

  • for clarity, discernment, and opportunity for the future

    • I desire my heart to continue trusting Him and to enjoy the journey He has me on, rather than be filled with anxiety for the future


There aren’t enough ways to say thank you. - ZACH


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