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I’m incredibly humbled. It’s hard to explain the environment of the staff with Austin Stone, but I’ll try. This group of people (especially the downtown team which I’m directly working with) is running full force in excellence and execution while having fun, building team unity and camaraderie and incredibly sold out for the name and purpose of Jesus Christ!

The photo above is not a normal worship service- it’s our all staff meeting. It blows my mind that these are the kind of people I get to be surrounded by everyday.

These past several weeks since I started has been a whirlwind. The best way I found to explain it is this: it’s as if I’ve grabbed the side of fast moving train as it rushed by and I’m flopping against the side as I learn and adjust to this new season. This team is moving fast and there is so much going on, but they have been so welcoming and encouraging as I slowly learn how and why we do what we do! I feel like I’ve gone through many emotions in this process already- extremely excited, overwhelmed, anxious, humbled, even more excited, laughing, crying…. you get it. Yet through it all I cannot express the thankfulness I have towards God and towards you who have made it even a possibility. I’m also pretty pumped to start the seminary classes this week as I saw the topics we’ll get to dive into! In addition to all the above, my small group with be “multiplying” or dividing into two groups at the start of next month with me being one of the leaders for a group. This group has been my family since I moved to Austin so it’s a very bittersweet time. God has clearly placed this on my heart (as well as my co-leader) and I cannot wait to see what he’s gonna do though it all!

• Please be in prayer as I’m adjusting to many new things.

Adjusting to the new work environment, adjusting to learning new systems, adjusting to new schedule, adjusting to splitting and leading small group, etc.


As a support update I’m 93% funded! This is including received and committed support for the next 2 years. Incredible and humbling to have so many stand behind in support and affirmation of where God has called me. I absolutely love what I get to do and to think that it’s only possible by the generosity of others blows my mind! I’d love to hit 100% as soon as I can so that I’m able to give my full attention to where I’m at and what I’m doing in the residency.

Our God is so good. And I hope that as I’ve been able to see that in my life recently it encourages you as well. Let me know how God is working your life, send me prayer requests, send me life updates, just don’t send me a photos of your cat because I’m totally not a cat person.

Grace & peace my friends and family,



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