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| resting on rooftops |


Here we are, months into 2020, and as the newness of the change of year fades, I realize that I’m just as busy as the previous year. If I could sum up the last couple of months for you in one phrase it would be, “Learning to rest…and not always the easy way.”

It’s been quite a busy journey thus far and I’ve haven’t sent out an update in a while (my apologizes for that). With that being said, I think God has a sense of humor. I’m currently writing this from my bed with my ankle being iced due to a sprain. It’s funny that I had chosen to talk about “resting” in this update before this happened, and it’s funny that this week’s sermon (which I had to listen to remotely) was about rest. Sense of humor, I’m telling ya. Anyways, it’s given me a chance to slow down and dwell on the past couple of months.


So here’s what’s been happening:

• I recovered from all things Christmas just in time for a marathon (that literally went around the high school at the same time people are arriving for church) as well as we began our preparations for Easter!

• I’m coming upon the end of my interim role with our “Service Teams” and will be transitioning back into the world of “Connections”! It’s been a crazy start to the residency and I’m so grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given in this time, however, I’m excited to jump back into the role in which I first came here for!

• This time LAST YEAR I went through support-raising training! We got to spend some time with the new wave of residents that are currently going through it and bond over the emotional and mental roller coaster the packed-full 4 days of training can cause. Hard to believe it’s been a year since then and just blown away at God’s faithfulness when I was still so unsure.

• Additionally, along with the rest of the world, we are in the midst of how to best care for the health of our people amidst COVID-19. But I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about that at this point.


Some of the things I’m learning:

• What it means to REST

And it’s often involves way more than “doing nothing”. Sometimes this means that when I only have a couple hours on Sundays without a walkie talkie earpiece in, I find my way to the top of Austin High School and soak up the sun, the view and the word of God. God has been reminding me that he doesn’t just want the things I can do for him, HE WANTS ME. And that is something to rest in.

• That my habits of thinking influence my habits of doing

This idea challenges me because I find it initially very unproductive. However as I’ve exercised this practice. I’ve seen the benefit and productivity that can come from this! This practically looks like spending intentional time each day of the week to focus on a specific “role” of which God has given me in my current context. Today is “steward”- so I take today to focus on how I can better steward the things God has given me; my finances, my time, my processions. Other roles include counselor, friend, encourager, learner, etc.

• That I’m deeply loved and cared for here

I’ve been so blessed to have some incredible people in my life and I’m even more grateful as these friendships continue to deepen.

• How to be rooted in Scripture

Learning more about God through the theological classes has produced conversations rooted in scripture rather than just my own personal experiences. As I’ve shared before, this class has such a practical application aspect to it, and it’s been encouraging to see the effects play out in real life conversations with those at our church.


I’m so grateful for the continued faithfulness and generosity of so many of you. It still blows my mind that I only get to do what I do because of the gifts and sacrifices of other people. God is so kind that he would bring so many to support me and pray for me as grow and get developed here in Austin.

Would you join me in praying for…

- the transition back into Connections ministry and all that involves

- leaning into what God is teaching me through the idea of rest recently

- continued healing for my sprained ankle…and patience in the process


Again, it’s such an honor to be here and do what I do. God has been so faithful these past 6 months- and I can’t wait to see what he has in store for the rest of my time at Austin Stone!



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