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It’s hard to actually comprehend what’s happening around us. It’s too overwhelming to keep up to date day to day with the news. It’s heartbreaking to face the reality of the racial injustices around us. I don’t have a context for how I should feel. I don’t have answers, I don’t even know where to begin. BUT, here’s what I do know: 




He is resolutely firm and unwavering. And I’ve clung to that more than ever in this season when all else feels so shaky. The Psalms again and again refer to God as a refuge- and it’s in the middle of this storm that I’ve seen how true that is.


  Along with transitioning to working remotely, I’ve officially transitioned back into the world of Connections Ministry within our church. Although any transition proves difficult, especially is the case in a season such as this. Yet, as I dive into helping others get connected, it becomes more clear just how much WE NEED COMMUNITY! We were not made to be alone. And it shows in the desire that so many have to get further connected with other believers within our church! Since this pandemic started we have been able to launch 18 new virtual groups! That’s insane! That’s over 150 people that are now connected solely on the basis of desiring christian community! 


In addition to helping others get connected, I’ve started to lead one of these new virtual groups. God has been so kind to this group of strangers who literally met for the first time over Zoom. Our group has been vulnerable and intentional with each other- sending cookies to each other for birthdays and sending flowers in times of great difficulties. AND WE STILL HAVE NEVER MET EACH OTHER IN PERSON! I’ve been so encouraged to see the small and specific ways in which God has brought this group together.  

- Recently, as a staff, we’ve been able to attend the worship service recordings and starting in July we will begin in-person services for our congregations. Unfortunately, since Austin High School remains closed, these services are far from a “normal” Sunday gathering. We’ll be meeting in one of our facilities that can hold, with social distancing regulations, about five percent of the normal attendance we’d typically see on a Sunday. This is the start of a long, slow journey. 

I’d ask for prayer in…

  • continued health and safety 

  • our church leaders as they navigate the complexities of COVID and gatherings

  • deepened trust in God with the heaviness and uncertainty of this season

Do you have any needs/specific ways I can be in prayer for you in this season? I’d love to know! 

- Thank you for your continued faithfulness in prayer and support throughout this trying time!! -ZACH


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