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| the start of a new journey |

Updated: Jun 25, 2019


I’m currently typing this as sit thousands of miles from the ground on a flight marking the start of a new journey. (I literally just took that photo above.) I wanted to take some time to update you all on what this process looks like over the next couple months. Yesterday was my last day at my full-time job and I will begin going full force in this support raising process from now until Aug 1st when I start the residency. Largely that includes a lot of travel to visit friends and family across the country. My time back at home will be (hopefully) jammed packed with meeting after meeting as I share my story and build this team of partners. So far I’ve been incredibly encouraged by the love and support from my new community in Austin! Since I started a couple months ago, I’ve reached 20% of support raising goal committed… that’s huge! That said, I have a “mile marker” goal of reaching 50% by June 2nd. So there is some weight to this month of traveling in order to get there.  God has been so faithful in providing even the smallest details since I’ve moved to Austin and I’m confident that he will continue to bring those along side me in partnership as I step into this next season with Austin Stone. I’d ask for prayer for simply this: BOLD OBEDIENCE.  I desire to honor God by my boldness as I obediently enter into conversations about what he’s done for me and where he is leading me to next. So thankful for each of you in my life and I cannot wait so share more! P.S. If you’ve committed to supporting and haven’t registered online, it’d be a huge help for me to gage best where I am at in this process. Here’s the link, please reach out with any questions! 

Thank you so much! 




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